Took place May 16-18, 2014!
In Historic Leesburg, Virginia!         2014 Show report HERE

Updated 8.12.2014


     This year marks the 17th year since the first Le Cirque du Cyclisme, created by Dale Brown in 1998 in Greensboro NC, and the 7th year since MJ and I assumed stewardship of the event and moved it to Leesburg VA.
     During this 17 year run the Cirque has gone from a one-day gathering of a handful of enthusiasts to a three-day multifaceted “Circus of Cycling”, as the name translates. It has been a long run, and generated several hundred revolving participants, as well as a cadre of core (or is that hardcore) participants. The Cirque is unique. There is really nothing else like it. The Cirque has been a place for camaraderie, learning, sharing, friendship and fun.
     It has been a privilege for MJ and I to have been able to carry the torch for the past 7 years. But it is time for us to take a break, and to attend to some pressing issues. We will not be organizing the Cirque for at least the next year, and possibly longer, at least in it’s current configuration. While there are several contributing factors, the primary reason is that the property that has housed my two businesses, Velo Classique and Mel Pinto Imports, for the past five and a half years will be demolished to make way for redevelopment. This development is slated to begin about this time next year. MJ has also taken on responsibility for global properties in her job and is now traveling quite a bit more.    
     Consequently, we feel that we cannot devote the time and attention necessary to organize and manage the event, at least for the immediate future.
     I have had the privilege of being involved since the earliest days of the Cirque, when dinner on Saturday evening was literally 5 people in town early for the Sunday show and swap. It has been an even greater privilege for MJ and I to have been able to carry the torch for the past 7 years. Our goal has always been to provide the best environment and services that we can, to listen to our constituents, promote collaboration and have fun. Dale has been our constant advisor, collaborator and supporter during our tenure, and we genuinely appreciate his friendship and guidance. Dale and I have been discussing the Cirque and plans for the future, and will be working together over the next few months to develop a plan for going forward. MJ and I hope to once again host another event sometime down the road, but for now we feel it best to step back and regroup.
       On behalf of MJ and myself, I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank all those that have supported us over the past 7 years, especially those sponsors that have generously helped finance this endeavor. We have had a lot of fun, made lots of wonderful friends, sometimes struggled, but have always felt that the reward was more than worth to effort.
                                                               Respectively yours,
                                                                                              Wayne and MJ

Nice article about 2013 event in BICYCLE TIMES magazine #24

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Pictures by Oscar Bernatsky, Paul Brodek,and John Wilson

In Historic Leesburg, Virginia!

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